Geomancing your travels

  Robert R. Requintina  /    Mar 10, 2015

Do you ever knock on your hotel room door before you enter? How about lugging garlic or chili pepper in your bag when you travel? Sounds odd, but these are some of the practical measures to maintain effective Feng Shui during our frequent travels here and abroad. The ancient Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings also matters to keep trips happy, memorable, and safe.

Feng Shui is important when you travel because when we are on the road, our energy is scattered so we have to secure it,” says Master Hanz Cua, Asia’s youngest Feng Shui master.

According to him, meditation is best before embarking on a trip to help shield or protect our aura. Master Hanz also shared interesting tips on positive Feng Shui related to traveling.

Consider carrying lucky travel Feng Shui charms like the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant charm for protection against theft or robbery. You can also try the Evil Eye charm against ill-intentions or negative energy.

Once the destination is reached, try to follow simple Feng Shui practices like knocking on the door of the hotel room the first time you enter “to give respect to the energy inside the room.” You may talk to the room and tell the energy inside that you are staying temporarily.

If possible, keep the lights open when you leave the room. Open a window to allow the positive energy to come in. Take a shower with salt to release the negative energy. Create some noise as well, he said, to move the energy around. Open the television set, flush the toilet then close its door.

Be positive as well by avoiding arguments with travel companions so you won’t bring the negative energy back home.

Other travel tips include bringing a scarf to help cover a mirror facing the bed, and avoid touching the Holy Bible because it has a very strong energy which normal people cannot handle.

Finally, he said, do not sleep under a ceiling with a beam because it will bring heavy energy, and put pictures of loved ones to connect with happy moments back home.

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