Acer Empowers Students with #PullitOff Campaign

  ETL  /    Jun 16, 2015

School season opened recently so students once again need that little boost of inspiration to show them that the challenges they are going through may seem impossible at first, but with hard work and the right mindset, they can #PullitOff.

This message of inspiration is the central theme of Acer Philippines' newest campaign, “#PullitOff,” aimed at inspiring students into achieving more of life. The campaign shows, through a variety of mediums, how anyone with enough confidence can #PullitOff: conquer a challenge, face a fear, and come out a better and stronger person.

"Students are expected to perform well. Acer is with them in struggles like these: most of us came from situations similar to theirs before, so we know that there is a lot of value in being strong in tough times. Sometimes, all they need is a pat on the back, and be inspired in discovering their new capacities," said Ray Gozon of Acer Philippines.

Leading the spread of this new message is singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino, famous not only for catchy tunes such as "Jeepney Love Story" and "Chinito," but also of inspirational melodies like "Salamat" and "Hawak Kamay." Her brilliant way of touching the hearts of the youth makes her the ideal ambassador of the campaign's student-centric advocacy.

As the latest endorsers of Acer's back-to-school campaign, Yeng, along with actress Kiray Celis, hope to ignite the same fighting spirit in today's youth via a music video that aims to inspire the young ones to believe in themselves and to just #PullitOff.

The music video — shot in school and released recently on Acer Philippines' Facebook and Youtube accounts — touches on the issue of bullying. a rampant issue in the Philippines, bullying has profound effects on a student's self-esteem, if not managed well. But a right frame of mind can help a lot against tough, potentially scarring challenges, as the video will show.

"Bullying has always been around, and it exists because those who are bullied never got the courage to overcome it by knowing their innate strengths. We want to show that there is endless merit to simple confidence and appreciating your distinction," said Gozon.

Visit Acer Philippines on Facebook and Youtube for more information and share the #PullitOffvideo to show your support to this relevant campaign.