Travel “Smart” and always be connected

  Mitch M. Arceo  /    Oct 22, 2015

Traveling and staying connected (online) now go hand in hand. Whether to show photos of your travel destinations, translate languages when you are in a foreign land or look for directions, you can always turn to the Internet to do all that.

When you are in another country, the Internet becomes your source of information and link to your friends and relatives at home as well, so it does not come as a surprise that travelers always consider data connection when they choose a place or country to visit. Here is where SMART Communications come into the picture through their newest data roaming service for postpaid subscribers, the Smart Surf Abroad 550.

“Nowadays, mobile internet  (or the lack of it) can make or break our vacation abroad, what with the many practical mobile apps and valuable information available online, from news, weather, navigation, flight schedules, and accommodation to must-have apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,” related Tina Mariano, head of SMART’s Global Access and International Services.

SMART assures that Smart Surf Abroad 550 is convenient and affordable. For P550, you may surf the Net for a whole day while in a foreign country. If you travel abroad and avail of data roaming services, you probably know that you have to register for a data roaming service before leaving the country. But with the new data roaming service, there is no need to register. You just need to turn on your mobile data setting (without manually selecting your roaming network). An SMS notification will inform you if the service is active, then you are good to go.

What also worries consumers is bill shock. There were instances when consumers get the biggest fright when their bill that arrived says they need to pay this humongous amount for using data connection from their travel abroad. But this will not be the case, says Mariano. They assured that there is no bill shock with the Smart Surf Abroad 550.

“We automatically steer you to our partner networks as soon as you turn on your mobile data connection and we make sure that you stay with our partner networks, thus ensuring that there are no unwanted charges whatsoever,” explained Mariano.

“However, we recognize that some of our customers have their own special needs and wants, specifically corporate customers. For the benefit of our enterprise customers, we are giving them the flexibility to manually choose a non-partner network whenever they want or wish to. If you do try to manually select a non-partner network, we will send you an SMS notification informing you that you are now trying to connect to a non-partner network and will be charged regular data roaming rates,” adds Mariano.

Last year, SMART’s roaming services were available in only 57 countries but expanded to 110 this year. By end-2015, it will expand further to 180 countries.

Most travelers nowadays who require Internet connection when traveling are mostly millennials. Wherever they go, whatever they eat or whatever they want to share, they always want to post it online.

“These types of travelers demand an always-on, instant-sharing experience when traveling abroad, which is why SMART has made it a lot easier and more convenient for them to connect to the Internet while traveling to other countries,” disclosed Mariano.