Changing lives for the better

  ETL  /    Dec 18, 2015

For couple Lina and TJ Tejada, they wanted to do something that would change their lives and those of the people around them. It was all a struggle, trying to find a career that is both financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying. After an arduous search, the couple found what they wanted: selling premium cookware brand Saladmaster.

A life worth changing

Being in the Navy for 9 years as a cook and then as a supervisor, TJ wanted something life changing, a career to boost earnings and the flexibility to do other things without impeding income potential. When they found out about Saladmaster, TJ and Lina did not hesitate in joining. They started as “Associates” and were happy with their decision. “From our first day as associates, we were assigned a mentor who guided and assisted us. We then sponsored recruits and started building our own group, and the commission was quite rewarding,” says the couple, who calls Oxnard, California their home.

From being successful associates and creating a substantially large group of their own, TJ and Lina were promoted as Consultants. It was hard but it was worth all the challenge. To be promoted as Consultant, they needed to complete one of the following requirements: the Life Changing Program, which is 6 dinners in 15 days; deliver 10 sets from Personal Sales and Personal Sponsored Associates’ Sales; or “Fast Track” by personally sponsoring two new Associates who each deliver 1 solo set.

Climbing the ladder of success

“It was tough climbing the success ladder, but there are few opportunities in the world that offer the same fulfillment as the Saladmaster ‘Spirit of Success’ program. Career satisfaction, peer recognition, new friends, world travel, and exceptionally high income is achievable by those driven to climb the ladder of success. How quickly you climb it to advance and increase your earning power is up to you,” says Lina.

The beauty of being part of Saladmaster is you work and succeed at your own pace. Whether you work 10 or 40 hours a week, it’s your call, explains TJ. “You set your goals and decide how fast you’d like to reach it. Our mission is to support you and help you get to where you want to go, and be flexible enough to build your schedule that suits your needs and priorities in life.”

Lina said many consultants earn more financially with Saladmaster by doing part-time work compared to their 8 to 5 jobs. “Sky’s the limit; there’s no ceiling when it comes to achieving financial independence. What’s more, you can embark on journeys you’ve always wanted, and explore the wonders of the world in a style you can only imagine before. The opportunities are endless!,” exclaims Lina.

So why choose Saladmaster?

TJ reiterated that they wanted to be life changers and with Saladmaster, that is exactly what they are doing. They know they work for a credible, trusted, reputable and quality brand that’s in the business for 69 years. Saladmaster was established in 1946 by Harry Lemons and became famous for its original and popular Saladmaster machine—its first product—a handy shredder and slicer that’s simple to use and easy to store. “Over the years, the success of the machine spawned the creation of a cookware line that’s as functional and efficient as the Saladmaster machine itself,” says TJ.

Saladmaster is made in the US using the highest quality American and Swiss steel. Quality and integrity is maintained through rigorous testing using the latest technology and advancements in research and development, and its superior products are backed up by lifetime warranty. It is distributed worldwide though they are not sold in stores but through direct selling. And Saladmaster is more than just cookware; it’s more about giving people the quality of life they deserve.

Outstanding products, even more impressive features

The Saladmaster product lines include the Salad Master Set, Master Set, Professional Set, Classic and Personal Set. Their flagship product, the 316Ti Titanium Stainless Steel, use a unique and innovative cooking system with lots of special features and benefits.

The “Versa Loc” guarantees no loose handles, with removable handles for child safety as well as versatility when using it in an oven, a broiler or during food serving. It’s cool to the touch, simple to clean, easily converts from long to short handles, and saves storage space. The interior helps protect food quality, purity and flavor, resists the chemical reaction with the acids and enzymes in food and is easy to clean. The ergonomically designed handles allow easy lifting and comfortable grip. The generous radius provides comfortable turning, stirring and cleaning, while the Multi-Layer Thermal Core guarantees superior heat conduction for outstanding cooking. The 400 Series Induction Stainless Steel Exterior, on the other hand, works on every cooking surface including induction and maintains its mirror finish for years.

For faster and more efficient cooking, the Semi-Vacuum cooking system helps shorten cooking time and enhances natural food flavors and preserves valuable nutrients, with self-basting mini doomed lids that lock in moisture. Lastly, the “Vapo Valve” provides easy and dependable heat control—no more “pot watching” so you can do other things in the house. It even alerts the user when it’s time to reduce heat to medium or low to help save energy.

Food integrity is also protected and maximized every time you use Saladmaster. When cooking food using traditional cookware, valuable nutrients are lost. With Saladmaster, the Average Nutritional Retention is at 93%, and this is proven through carrot, potato or broccoli tests, where Color (Vitamins) and Flavor (Minerals) are retained. Saladmaster also don’t use lead, one of the common causes of cancer, compared to most stainless steel, cast iron or even enamel or glass cookware.

And the premium quality and engineered system of cooking of the 316Ti stainless steel, coupled with continuous product improvement research and staying connected with its customer so their needs are genuinely understood, enable Saladmaster to provide lifetime warranty. “Saladmaster passionately cultivates creativity and pride of workmanship to provide customers with continual lifestyle improvement,” says Lina.

More importantly, working for Saladmaster makes work all fun. “We don’t treat it anymore as work because we’re having fun, and that what makes it truly rewarding and life changing,” the two said.

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